John Adams: A government of laws, not of men.”

The democrats are 60% of the voters and they dislike strict laws, the republicans are only 40% and they like strict laws. We are doomed, democrats, please change. We are already suffering lawlessness in America because the democrats are in government (especially Obama and Clinton). Terrible! The democrats think that breaking the law should be rewarded (take care of illegals, indict law-abiding citizens, etc.), while obeying the law should be punished (legal immigrants get less assistance than illegal immigrants). Make corrupt public financing legal, says Clinton, Make sure CNN doesn’t lose all the money from private Trump commercials. Breaking the law should have good consequences. The thinking of republicans is not that twisted: Breaking the law should be punished and obeying the law should be rewarded. This is the law and order concept. The”great chill” reported by CNN this morning shows that YouTube sent the police a message:  All over the USA police have reduce their law enforcement activity by about 25%, (the effect of private YouTube filming of police work on criminals that in turn complained that police broke the law – instead of the other way around!! Stop working against the law-abiding citizens. This is just the beginning and the democrats are leading the corrupted way. People commit crimes, the police don’t arrest these people and the democrats call it protecting “civil rights. Mexicans infiltrate through the US border, the border police don’t stop them and the democrats welcome the infiltrators and give them jobs , driver licenses, and college education, illegal registration of illegals aliens to vote (padding the electoral college) and say again, “This is universal, multicultural civil rights, we are all immigrants, screw John Adams.”

Look at life in the USA already, yours has already been effected and if you are a democrat you think it’s other big reasons it’s affected, not what John Adams had said. Let me predict, if Clinton gets to be elected president more laws will be broken to the point that even you will notice the terrible difference. If  Trump gets elected president you will see John Adams smiling. Only the democrats will not understand why… because they learn from Obama how not to connect the dots.


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