Paul Ryan for president!

Of course I am kidding, but he is a smart guy, says Trump. How about voting for him Speaker of the House, the 3rd most powerful position in the US government? Well, Trump put it the best way, “I’ll take Paul Ryan as speaker if no one tougher shows up.” Well, Donald, no one nowadays is as tough as you are. No one will show up. These generation of Americans are expected to be kicked in the ass by losers around the world but are not expected to kick ass back. President Obama the weakling made sure of that! And DT will not be able to change the zeitgeist unless he become president. The idiots won’t vote for you if you kick asses. I suggest you play sweetly like old fart Clinton and start kicking asses around the world ones you are in the WH. The idiots will then  cheer you up but won’t vote for you now because you don’t call McCain a hero (he was not a hero, great guy but what he did was not heroism).

To sum it up, Paul Ryan is smart but is not tough. To be tough you have to take risk and kick ass. Vote for Trump and against Ryan for a tougher America that will be feared around the world. A feared leader gets things done. I was a psychologist for 30 years and today in retirement I speak in universities around the world. Let me tell you, you are being pushed around by friends, mates, associates and strangers. Do you want to feel really good? Make a rule for your behavior: “I will say and do things that will make everyone around me slightly anxious (about 5%)” It keeps people on their toes around you, they become so nice and loving and they don’t know that you did it.” Go for it, remember, 5%, not 50%, don’t be a loser!


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