Obama apologizes for bombing the hospital.

The president went to the Oregon community college where a gunman murdered 10 students to speak about gun control. The president apologized for his bomber planes bombing a hospital in Afghanistan. Democrats would say he  is a compassionate president because they don’t care for real change. To me it’s like sending Christmas cards. Some of those who get a card from you would say, “This person is my friend or that person cares about me.” I am sorry, but I want from the president more than word or a card sympathy. I want him to take the leadership, like Trump did last week, and offer by presidential decree to train free 1000 good college teachers, give them registered guns to protect themselves and their students if necessary. I want him to take us out of Afghanistan NOW so we won’t bomb hospitals and kill doctors and kids again – by mistake. I want him to work on peace in Syria with Putin and not fight that strong leader of Russia. I know he won’t do any of these things I suggest. I want from president Obama to leave the White House as soon as possible. Do you count the days? I do.


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