Rabbi Eita Henkin and his wife Naama murdered.

There are 2 kinds of Jews living in Israel, Return To Historical Judaism (RTHJ) type Israelis and shtetl Jews (SJ). The first group loves Donald Trump, think big (they started 10,000 successful IPO’s in Tel Aviv alone!) and kick ass hard back (KAHB) when kicked. It matters where they live in Israel and it matters whether they are Orthodox, conservatives, Reformed or Secular, but this interesting demography is a subject for another posting only if you ask. I hate writing for indifferent people (I am a successful psychologist, cancer lecturer who spoke in Berlin, economics specialist who spoke in Spain, a writer who expressed his views at UCLA,  but my insightful postings received only about 10 replied to 500 incredible postings in the last 5 years. That means that most people live the life of quiet desperation and can’t understand the real issues in their lives, as Trump would say). About 70% of Israelis in 1948 were shtetl Jews, Jews why expect to get murdered by antisemitic men as collateral damage. Today it is only about 30% in Israel because with each generation in Israel the shift to historical Judaism mentality increases.

Rabbi Eita Henkin and his wife Naama were shtetl Jews. When the 2 Palestinians approached their car and shot them dead, they prayed Shema Israel Adonai Elohainu Adonai Ehad, and somewhere in their subconscious mind they thought here comes the expected pogrom. They left 4 kids in the back seats. At least 2 of them will grow up to be shtetl men, not making the switch. The other 2 will. Let’s say these two are now  30 years old sons who are driving the car. They pass the spot in the road where their parents were murdered 30 years earlier.  They have a good trigger happy mentality living in the west bank all their lives. They look at the 2 sons of the previous murderers approaching. They shoot and kill their assailants (rest assure that history will repeat itself in Bergen-Belsen, Hebron, even Paris, untill there no more shtetl Jews left anywhere in the world). At that point in human history there will be peace and prosperity on earth. Amen.


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