Trump, Putin and Obama meet in Syria, who loses? (Satire)

Obama loses, what a shame, this dude is no match for Putin’s fist and insight. Obama is blind and really stupid, doesn’t understand human relationship, deeper thinking type. He thinks all it is being nice and social and all the problems get solved like in Mississippi.. He has no insight to international policy. He goes to Syria and looks at 10 gangs and decided to supports the nice social gang of Sunni Syrians who fight clean against the dirty legitimate government of Syria that has been there since the Baathist party was formed 100 years ago, at least for 50 years since Assad’s father! Sure, Assad gassed his people but so did all of them. (Obama’s support is based on believing that beheading American journalists is more cruel than gassing ordinary Syrians). Also, Obama is so off base in his values that Putin can’t even talk to him so Putin talks to Netanyahu instead, a smart one.

Let’s say the year is 2016 and Trump replaced Obama. Putin and Trump are both sharp, they get along together,  both happy for the challenge, great, the “simpleton” is gone…eyeing each other and right away they smile, stopping the bullshit  upmanshit “gaming.” each know they can work together to make a peace in Syria, a little give and take, Trump style gets a better trade-off but Putin accepts.: Election in Syria:  Assad stays PM, the supervised election allow 10-15 political parties in parliament with minimum 10% of the vote (Obama’s nice gang didn’t make it in Syria and their leaders don’t get invited to the WH as a consolation because Obama is now living in Hawaii). Trump deals the economy well with Assad and Putin. Syrian refugees come back to good jobs in their country (Germany as a welfare state is upset to lose them). (the EU is upset too, the plan of replacing the Jews of Europe with the Muslims of the Middle East is halted). The only losers are Syrians who wanted to be terrorists in Europe, American democrats in congress who wanted to feel good with a complicated long run solution and were sure their perception of Putin as a fascist was the “truth,” Obama who thought he was smarter than that “arrogant Donald,” or Putin and all the left leaning people who were even more stupid than Obama. A quick Putin-Trump peace was not anticipated said the Pelosi gang of washington, we wanted a turmoil so Congress could elect more democrats and keep busy feeling good pretending to solve problems!


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