How to apply the concept of Community to ISSS?

I came from Berlin from a speech on how to build a “system” of cure of cancer (type Google, Kinarthy, Yin/Yang, Berlin).  I got home and got an email from dear friends at ISSS about continuing the idea of developing new “systems” to benefit humanity, specifically, it is the questions; What is a Community? How does it apply to ISSS? and what’s the goal of the ISSS Roundtable that is forming on the internet?

I will give it a try because humanity need “new systems” because the old systems don’t work to ease the  multiple pain. However, in my nature I am a skeptical person when it comes to people creating working systems. I don’t participate in anything unless it has a chance to succeed. I spoke on cancer in Berlin because the system I created cured the disease. I will participate in this internet endeavor you created only if we can win: The first “new system” to create must be how to handle one million refugees coming to the EU without a system of absorbance?

Here is my view of the new “System: First, create a new EU government refugee ministry, train sensitive police, deport all refugees with criminal records, collect taxes from all sources, including the refugees, register all comers and sort out the refugees’ skills, set up big areas in all countries willing and have the refugees build fabricated housing and other things, elect representatives and get to work for a minimum wage. Deport all those who are lazy or refuse to participate in their rehabilitation! Bingo! Problem solved!



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