Why I will vote for Donald Trump for president?

A debate rages in London this morning about the effect of technology on life. I talked about the effect of technology and social media on business in Rome and Valencia Universities and no one asked the simple question how could we prevent humans from screwing up the system they create?  How many of you know that human are going to screw up any system that comes up unless they go to value schools!  Why? All humans want to know is about new gadgets, the issue of making money and technological competition is hot, humans vs. machines, the ultimate seduction? No one cared that Bush killed the Iraqi Sunni leader and Obama promoted the Irani Shia leader, Reagan run away when the Hizbullah came for the American Marine, it was clear that humans will screw up any system because they got the wrong values to judge behavior by, the got the wrong decisions, and they still didn’t get it, just like in London this morning on CNN. They don’t want to face it, they got the wrong values!

It is scary to have social media and technology added to Smith’s famous economic formula and see how capital overwhelming labor while resources disappear and humans don’t question their economic judgements, my God! A bunch of idiots in the WH and we are hurt and we don’t get, Carter runs away when the ayatollah kidnapped Americans because he liked the Shah, and America argued that Clinton the jerk could do better looking at flight training. Good bloody president? Who, Reagan? He escaped when 250 Marines got killed! Who could be a great president? I will vote for Donald Trump because I really believe that he will kick Ass! A lot!! No, the girls can’t make a  f***ing difference, no one else with shake up the system untill all the rotten apples fall down, like he would. We talk a lot on CNN but it boils down to one thing, what’s written on his hat!

Teddy Roosevelt came back to kick his democratic first cousin’s ass, when Delano hesitated to kick Hitler because after all may be Chamberlain was right and there was a way to peace through Berlin, a freshman psychology student could do better than all these presidents. I am a psychologist since 1975 and, boy, did I kick a lot of asses in my time and made a lot of great friends who though I was a son of a gun arrogant dude,  like MAli, I’ll tell you something, I have as many friends as people who call me names. Read the definition of the word “arrogant” in the dictio, it’s not that bad at all!



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