Japan goes military! Obama goes weaker, Trump and the voters go pissed off, a great country is coming back!

Japan will have to have soldiers all over the world again, Obama, you did it!! You created chaos everywhere you spoke your eloquent bullshit, acting your weak “nice” personality humbling yourself to kings. One more year and this “socializing” president without leadership quality joins Clinton,  the 911 “social and inept prez”, time to retire, folks, Donald is coming, the American people don’t want their ass kicked by everyone anymore, they wanted you to kick ass of those who shouted “Death to america” but you trembled, you were afraid of shouting weaklings overseas.  Retire, weak folks and let Trump who thinks big and can kick the ass of kings get respect for us. Men, we will have a lot of “fearful friends” around the world the next 4 years!  The world will start getting more peaceful and Japan won’t have to go ballistic militaristic, that big! Sure, you don’t know what you are doing wrong, Obama, (as a psychologist let me list one big one: It’s not your fault, Obbi., your personality is afraid of bullies ever since high-school, and the ayatollah found out. I can list 9 more big mistakes you did but what’s the point!).

Japan decided to go militaristic again because you Obama created a mess in the far east, middle east and everywhere, sure, you tried to do good but you didn’t know how to be strong so you gave the other cheek, you are a nice guy, Obama, but not very smart, a leader you are not, but a friend to the suffering you tried to be, they voted for you twice and you delivered ISIS, not jobs, Obama-care, not an inexpensive national healthcare system. Ask yourself, how respectful did you treat the servants in the WH? They thought you were not nice to them, time to go, Obama, you will leave behind a fearful Japan, a peaceful country that is raising a big army to protect itself from your cronies. They all became belligerent under you because you showed the bad guys that you won’t lift a finger to protect the good guys! Shame on you, you had a chance and you didn’t deliver the change you promised, peace and prosperity will come, dude, without your help!


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