Fearful friends or fearless foes, take your pick, watch the idiot in the WH and do the opposite with the Ayatollah!

You don’t have to have a PhD in psychology to know it, just take a Psychology 101 before the next debate for president and you get it straight from Skinner. If you have someone who threatens you in some ways and you react to him/her with nice behavior because you believe that they may change for the better, your behavior is a behavior of a loses, a stupid person, uneducated or in some case suicidal!  When someone behaves in a threatening way towards you he is testing you. If you kick his ass you will pass his test with an A+ grade. Now, it’s not that simple, if he is stronger than you punching him is stupid behavior, step on his toe instead and say “I’m sorry.” There are so many psychological ways to torment your tormentor!

I, as a psychologist, can do even better: I say,”You are really a great guy,” before I punch him in the nose. Now he is not only fearful but also confused!

Life is good when ignorance is not a bliss! ELK.



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