The only reason I copied today’s news headline to my blog is because president Obama had just signed a nuclear agreement with Iran, almost word by word to the nuclear agreement president Clinton signed with North Korea during his administration. North Korea broke the agreement and developed the bomb (Clinton said, “I’m sorry.”) and Iran will break the agreement and Obama will say “I’m sorry” when he is out of office! Polls show that president Obama and President Clinton are still very popular with the American people (unless the bomb drops on New York). My conclusion is that either the American voters are too nice that they have forgiven these 2 idiots in the Oval Office, or suicidal or stupid. Candidate Trump think they are stupid and I say they are “trustingly suicidal.” These so-called leaders are no different in their insight about other people than a naive attractive woman who chooses an angry boyfriend type who will kill her 2 years later for whatever unjustified reason. She and our 2 stupid presidents (who never took a Psychology 101 class in college) believe that bad people tend to change if you are good to them (the opposite is true!).

Voters, you have an opportunity to make Iran and North Korea our fearful friends and not our angry enemies of the United States. Elect Donald Trump as your next President despite his abrasive behavior. The world needs to be afraid of an US president in order to behave nice toward the USA! You need to change as a voter. The US needs Donald Trump for president. His tough personality fits our threatening times with Iran and North Korea. I see these 2 rough states as kids that need discipline and only Donald can do it well, not Florina, the failed CEO of HP! Time to kick ass, folks, as DT wrote in his book 10 years ago about leadership and success! All the other western leaders will inadvertently bring a nuclear bomb to the statue of liberty or to their own homes because they don’t understand human nature! Human behavior is basically motivated by 2 emotions, fear and anger. If your opponent in business or on the battlefield or in the bedroom or board room or in the street or anywhere is more fearful than angry your will get the best of him or her and if your opponent is more angry than fearful you’ll get the worse of him! Now, with this profound and simple elegant advice – go for the good life, your new behavior has earned you the right to be nice to those who fear you! DT is a very smart dude!


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