Paternalism is dying in Europe!

Angela Merkel threatened the East European countries that recently joined the European Union that she would withhold money from them unless they accept their “fair share” of Syrian Muslim refugees. That exposes the fact that Germany has become paternalistic, one of the worst economic determinant that eventually destroys a country. I was surprised that Angela adopted that East German concept to be adopted by the European Union! Doesn’t she know that paternalism  makes nations and people dependent on Germany and destroys their initiative to succeed on their own (it already happened to Greece).

Of all the economic concepts that elevate society or destroy society, the European Union adopted those that tend to destroy society. Let me list them: Paternalism – controlling others with your money like they are kids, Multiculturalism – forcing others to live with alien values and watering down their own culture, Anti-nationalism – forcing others to live without the good value of privacy, borders and love for their country and society. Living in a delusion of positive chaos because you fear having too many laws is a ticket to disaster. Insecurity of not knowing good laws from bad laws is no excuse for “good” chaos. Listen, stupidity is not an inherent characteristic of humans, it’s imposed by a mind that picked up the wrong values. Shape up, EU before you ship out choosing the wrong politicians!


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