Is the Trump phenomenon a trap phenomenon?

The Trump phenomenon is a trap for the lazy idiots deal makers in America who think they are smart, for the politicians with the perfect speech writers who try to “buy” your vote, for Clinton and her hired “handlers,” for the social media folks whose values hurt society while they think that socialism, illegal immigration, multiculturalism, welfare checks, fat government jobs, greedy CEO’s are great to have, all tolerable or even great acts, for the commentators on CNN and the BBC who think that billionaire Trump doesn’t understand economics or business or how to relate with tough Chinese leaders, who believe that mild-mannered Bush could do better, the people who go on the air every day to spin reality with awful values that only look good but can’t help society, stupid idealists, dogmatic politicians, and no good ideologues, democrats who kill entrepreneurship, socialists like that Sanders guy from Vermont, what’s his name? Republicans with rusty minds, Democrats and republicans who made society stale in the last 8 years, no vision, racists who can’t see that Obama is racist and not Trump. Enough is enough, time to clean up the values  and be great American again!

Any expert on human behavior, body language and speech, even if you don’t like Trump as a candidate for president, can see his marketing genius, emotionally galvanizing folks, waking up and activating the “silent majority,” a vote catcher par excellence. All psychological indicators are moving up that he will be the next president of the United States, and for that, in part,  you can blame Obama’s 8 years attempt to reduce the greatest country in history to almost  bankruptcy spiritually, economically and especially internationally.

True, no white man can become president without at least 50% of the Black and Mexican votes. Blacks already love Trump because they believe he will deliver what Obama didn’t – decent jobs and pride in the home land. He means business. He kicks ass, as his book say. He will deliver great jobs. Chicano may join later when he picks up a Latino vice president (there are a few great ones..who don’t believe that crossing the border from Mexico illegally is a fine behavior to start the American dream.. He creates the emotion of American patriotism that Obama tried to kill. Donald creates the sense that breaking the border law is a big offence and that Obama is wrong to ignore the law. Donald creates the sense that taxes should be put to work for the country and not for government to waste your money like the Greeks do. He creates free entertainment for millions, like a true populist showman comedian. Trump has always been a winner and no stupid accusations of racism, arrogance, narcissism, madness, unfit, and so on will do. The old corrupt chaotic order is dying in America and a refreshing Americanism is coming to “save” us. This is the greatest country in the world, after all. I am looking forward for a wonderful 4 years of bashing the idiots who think they know how to run a country!


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