Fallacy of Idealism: Is multiculturalism good or bad for society?

Most people would say that multiculturalism is good for society, but, unfortunately, the answer is “bad for society,” according to the psychological research on conflict resolution. Sad, because multiculturalism will continue to do its damage to society (especially Germany) but be protected by the German government and people from criticism when the emerging German multicultural society fails to deliver the good life (a classic example of “ignorance is bliss”). Is this new zeitgeist already happening? Why is multiculturalism so bad for society? The answer is simple: Multiculturalism is based on a falseĀ assumption (fallacy of idealism) that mixing cultures brings peace and understanding rather than war, rejection and conflict. The idealistic assumption is so against history and research that the conflicts of mixing cultures are already spreading (without awareness) all over the world.

A much better way to bring peace and prosperity to a suffering humanity is to separate cultures (like the Czech Republic and Slovakia) untill the time come in a few hundreds of years when cultures become secure, mature and satisfying. People from secure cultures would love to mingle without apprehensions but when an artificial process is imposed by governments to mix cultures in a country in the name of brotherhood it is really a way inadvertently of losing one’s identity (repress the inner conflict of having people with strange behaviors in your home doing things unacceptable to you). Multiculturalism lead to religious wars, cultural conflicts and economic disparity. People from cultures that don’t prepare you for the skills of science and organized living become jealous of you and lash out, steal, feel inferior, fearful and eventually disrupt society. Every society needs to improve itself before it mixes with another society. People who believe in multiculturalism should already feel guilty for what they have created around them. I wouldn’t want to be a Syrian refugee in Germany who comes from a society that turned prosperity into a culture of death coming to Germany, a society that turned a culture of killing into a culture of prosperity in 70 years! Refugees would be happier and more successful in their own country if the world helped them stay in a uni-culture society and not move into a multicultural society to provide a disguised cheap labor! Support to live well is preferable to support to escape into a fallacy of good multiculturalism.


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