Bush vs. trump: Speak Spanish, no, speak English, no, speak Spanish, no, speak Chinese…Ha…Ha…

No class, that is what it is about this 2016 elections, no wonder Donald’s motto is “Let’s make America after Obama great again.” Poor Romney, he got 65% of the white vote and didn’t get to be president because race is always an issue with minorities in America: black Obama got 95% of the Black vote and more than half of the Mexican-American vote. The American culture is changing, it become a mixture of three cultures, African, Mexican and White. Sure, Trump believes that returning to white culture values will make America great again, but it wont happen! The issue is moot unless 90% of white voters and at least 25% of the Black and Mexican vote will go to Donald Trump. This issue of 3 racial groups or distinct cultures competing for America’s future is delicate, but it should be discussed openly – but it won’t be discussed openly! Obama will get his wish that the United States will become  “just another mediocre country” and trump will not get his wish to return America to “manifest destiny.” It’s a shame because American leadership is needed for the world to achieve peace and prosperity. It is going to get worse!

So, is language use during elections a trivia game? Should you speak English during American campaigns like Donald does, or Spanish during American campaigns like Bush does? Spanish during Mexican campaigns is the best! Bush speaks Spanish during American campaigns (soon, Chinese), or it doesn’t matter since multiculturalism is taking over anyway and “politicians and doctors without borders” is becoming the name of the chaotic game of the left leaning human race?

Hey, dude, choose your politicians carefully, they affect your like. Do you want life in America to become  like in Africa, the Middle East or south America? Or do you want America to return to be America. If that is what you wish google Teddy Roosevelt and learn how that president made America great by giving the Spanish-speaking people the Panama canal as a gift! It all boils to the question: Who will do better for minorities as president, Bush or Trump?


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