Hungary, you have the right to protect your culture!

CNN selected anti Hungarian reporters to discuss this morning the refugee crisis in Budapest. CNN should be ashamed of itself being biased against Hungary, one of the most peaceful countries in the world!  If these reporters happened  to be in Budapest or in Cairo they would be arrested for defiling a country. How dare biased reporters repeatedly abuse (by derogatory criticism) Hungary’s right to preserve its own culture, dignity and identity by refusing to process or accept ungrateful refugees that don’t show that they care a bit about their host country!

I don’t believe in helping anyone that don’t show that they care about you, make no effort to please you and scream their demand for help as if is their right to get it from you and they have to do nothing to be worthy of the help. Being a refugee is not a ticket to selfish behavior. The reporters castigated the right-wing government of Hungary as if “right-wing” meant some kind of a social disease! A social disease is not being “right-wing” and protecting your freedom and property, the social disease is being “left-wing” and invading other people’s property in the name of justice, paternalism and human rights! The West believe in “citizens without borders” for Hungary that will allow people to move freely around in your own homes and create a havoc with your civilised and orderly world in the name an ideology.  “Human rights” must be earned by contributing behavior for a common good, not as the left define it as fundamental rights in the name of paternalism and forced multiculturalism.  The refugees have to show that they are looking for hard work, education, freedom and prosperity. These reporters profess an ideology that makes people the earth over lazy and they are not aware that they are doing it! Hungary has the right to keep a million people from failed cultures away from landing on its turf, without covert harassment from CNN!!!


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