A House of Chamberlains collapses upon itself!

“Our primary objectives are to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon, make sure Israel is safe and, if possible, avoid another war in the Middle East,” Bennet said in a statement. “This agreement represents a flawed, but important step to accomplish those goals.” This statement by Bennet and the democrats in congress will achieve the opposite effect of what they wish for according to Dr. Kinarthy, a retired psychologist who happened to be a former local moderator for a Foreign Policy  Association program of WDC.

I agree 100% with Dennis Prager, an experienced commentators (check him out on Google) who predicts a series of disasters to come out of ratifying the agreement by congress. Bennet statement to congress is a classical example of “a road to hell is paved with good intentions, including Obama’s.” Unfortunately, the critical thinking skills of many democratic legislators is warped. Don’t be surprised when they get kicked out of congress like Chamberlain in London in 1940. It is sad that we let key idiots make important decisions that affect out lived, it’s a shame.


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