Summary of my cancer presentation at the ISSS convention in Berlin, August 2015.

I am presenting a new yin/Yang cancer treatment system guided within a greater framework of a 3000 years divine book of I Ching, the book of change from the Chinese Zhou Dynasty. Change from a disorganized state to an organized state required holistic transformation. The outcome must be greater than the sum of treatments.  This successful case study from 2002 to 2015 can form a global fundamental shift in cancer management because the treatment model is all-encompassing, ccomprehensive orderly, integrative, balanced, an integration of holistic and reductionist systems.

Cancer as other models of treatment consider it is a “disorganized” group of body cells that metastasize. Translating the above to Yin/Yang action system we added to the treatment of physical cancer also the eradication of cancer of the mind and cancer of the spirit. That means an approach greater than an  ordinary holistic approach.

To achieve the above success, System 1 and System 2 decision-making process, as described by professor Daniel Kahneman, a 2002 Nobel Prise winner, is implemented, including effective treatments that are usually not a part of any cancer protocol, such as Chi imagery, Prana breathing, mime, Chi gong, a daily lemon slice, facial expressions,Turmeric, Ginger and many more elements that cleanse the inner environment and can change a cancer life style.

To be able to regulate all treatment orders effectively, the new system requires an Yin/Yang trained advocacy. Such a person will know how to implement allopathic/holistic integration, research and how to apply liaison skills and be an expert in the art and science of making changes. Needless to say that social skills, personality, warmth and strength of character to face skeptics are needed for effective cancer advocacy.

And , finally, the new yin/Yang cancer treatment system must be comprehensive and balanced. We as care givers can not by-pass the best cancer treatments because they are not part of the zeitgeist and are ignored inadvertently today all over the world. I call it neglecting the 10% Rule. Cancer is a systemic disease and we cannot any more over look the best 10% of all treatments, such an immunotherapy, hyperthermia, tai chi, vitamins, special foods, effective exercises, different counseling, meditation, dendritic therapy, etc.

A human being in the I-Ching book is more than the sum of a few major Yang treatments. He/she are divine healers.



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