The most effective and the most ignored psychologist ever!

His name was B. F. Skinner and he wrote Waldon II, the most ignored book ever about how to build a great society! His Co-up experiment failed because he never took the Likert Scale seriously.  How to measure and apply rewards and punishments? We psychologists forgive him because there is a saying in psychology that the person who starts a movement tend to leave filling in the details to his followers. B. F. Skinner was the Father of Behaviorism.

The BLS today is not used. Is the Behavioral Likert Scale (BLS) difficult to use by the average person? No, it isn’t used because it takes schooling. Can learning and applying the BLS improve your finances? Yes. Improve your love life? Yes. Improve your health? Yes. Improve your happiness feeling? Yes. So, what are you waiting for?

Learning a few rules that may be taught today in only 1 out of 10 Psychology PhD programs in Universities could help, 1) Reward increases behavior and punishment decreases behavior. So, if you don’t make enough money ask yourself how you punished your behavior that may have led to wealth? If your friend gives attention to others more than she notices you, ask yourself, “how do I punish her attention giving behavior to me, inadvertently?, And so on, 2) The “punishment must fit the crime.” If you go to the dentist to fix a tooth and the pain of the fixing is greater than the pain of the cavity, you will end with many bad teeth, if you often spank your kid or reward him for stealing cookies from the cookie jar, you are in the business of making an obese person, if you tell your kid, “Dad will punish you when he comes home from work for what you did this morning in school,” you are creating a psychopath, and so on.

The business of life improves with awareness (consciousness) of antecedents and consequences (be aware of what you say and do).

This posting is one of the best advice that I have ever given you !



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