Dr. Hawking, thank you for starting a conversation about God and Aliens.

Let me share with you my scientific knowledge about God and aliens, probably the closest analysis to the truth based on my training as a scientist:

GOD: Dr. Hawking, you say God does not exist. You are wrong. According to the Science of Consciousness as taught in psychology and parapsychology courses in Universities all over the world, God is called “Primordial Energy Universal Consciousness.” (the word God is not used for obvious reasons)  There are 3 kinds of primordial energy cells of universal consciousness discovered by a mathematician, Dr. W. G. Leibnitz (1648), a friend of Dr. Isaac Newton who also discovered Calculus. A third of these entities have their own veracity and purposiveness and humans anywhere in the universe can communicate with these entities through PK if they learned the signals and have the right attitude, I am one of them, though it take a lot of unusual training.

The reason you and most people never heard of Leibnitz is because you havent’ search the internet for it, and the reason you don’t search the internet  for it is because this “Scientific theory of God” is not taught in any school (Why? Leibnitz was ridiculed by the church). The only reason I know about it is because the State of California approved my college course in Parapsychology because of student demand to know more in 1979  (I am retired and the course is not taught anymore).

ALIENS:  Dr. Hawking, You say that we don’t know scientifically about aliens. You are wrong again. Part of science is to have axioms and hypotheses and calculate probabilities (read about System 2 by kahneman, the Nobel price winner in 2002). Let me be short about my knowledge unless you ask me in the future: 1) There are a million habitable planets within our vicinity alone, 2) We think we know when Alpha Centauri and Zeta Reticuli humans from plant B have visited earth. 3) We are not ready to relate to them (there are no social psychologists trained at SETI). We are only interested in radio signals, not communication. We are not multicultural as a species!


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One Response to “Dr. Hawking, thank you for starting a conversation about God and Aliens.”

  1. fathercharlescoughlin Says:

    A most important post! Thank you! You may enjoy further insight on this at https://culturalgenocide.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/marxist-cultural-genocide-ufos/

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