A massage to Dr. Steven Hawking from out of space

You said, “A civilization reading one of our messages could be billions of years ahead. If so, they will be vastly more powerful and may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria.”  This ridiculous statement from the author of brief history of time needs psychological analysis: A civilisation that could read our radio messages would not have the intelligence to read our interstellar messages if it thought of us as bacteria-like creatures. Your quote is more a reflection of how you feels about us or himself, it’s not good psychology and its bad physics. Another ridiculous point you made,  ‘…a civilization billions of years ahead of us…”  There is no human on earth, including you,  that can even imagine what a civilization  that older than us could even be like!!!

Dr. Hawking, you were a great physicist untill you started meddling with staff you have taking a single course in college about, that is, psychology, parapsychology, and what’s beyond Singularity. You have the right to speak nonsense, of course, but I am happy that people have the right not to take you seriously anymore!


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