American: Is it a weak national will?

We have elected Obama who made the situation in Iraq worse than Bush did, made ISIS stronger, made the situation in Syria worse than anyone could have done, spent so much money to protect an Afghanistan government that allows the enslavement of their girls, and here at home can’t even put in jail a 6 times infiltrator from Mexico who committed a capitol crime. These are just a few examples of strong weakness. I wouldn’t call it a weak national will like someone on CNN said this morning. You can’t have any national will with an American “nation” that demoted its greatness for 8 years by valuing its internationalism greater than its nationalism and looks up to the even weaker European Union more than its own identity. Let’s face it, Obama was elected twice by 2 US minorities that value paternalism more than Americanism. Blacks and Latinos care more about escaping poverty than seeking liberty. Do you want a strong national will that will get America the respect she once had, elect someone in 2016 that acts like Teddy Roosevelt. Do we have one like that? I don’t know. I do know who is the opposite of TR, it Hilary C. and Jebb Bush, the 2 front-runners. Funny, the strongest nation on earth is behaving like the weakest and sweetest nation on earth. Stop thanking those that kicks you in the ass! Stop blaming yourself for being good to no good others. Shame on you, Obama, what you have created here…though I must say, the domestic economy is not bad, the rich get richer and the poor is not starving with public jobs. One more year!


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