What would you do if you came from the future? (I am serious!)

I am going to speak in Berlin at the ISSS Conference on August 2-7 on how I handled my 2 cancers (It is a scientific case-study). My last 3 papers at UCLA, University of Valencia and Rome were about how to become wealthy, how to create a great economy and how can Spain solve it’s 25% unemployment problem. You’d assume that out of 50 professors who attended at least one would ask a question, no one did! Seriously, I need your help to figure it out, what would you do if people make you feel like you came from the future where our century problems are solved? The reason I switched my writing for now from economics to medicine is because I think in Berlin in August 2015 maybe some oncologists at the lecture place would ask a question.

Dr. Abraham Maslow, the father of humanistic Psychology, said many years ago that most people cannot rise above their century! Orson Wells the actor said in a commercial, “No apple will ripe before its time.” What do you say? Am I destined to not be able to help my fellow humans with my knowledge? What a dreadful thought, I have 2 relatives with breast cancer who opted for chemotherapy. In October 2011 I was scheduled for Chemotherapy myself (stage 4) and opted for intensive immunodendtitic therapy plus change in life style and here I am going to speak in Berlin on an yin/yang cancer treatment system. I promise you that I am not going back to the future before I am done, I will continue to bring the future to 2015 to us, but I am afraid to think that Abraham and Orson were right – do you believe that it is very difficult for humans to think outside the box in 2015? For life’s sake all you cancer patients, keeeep trrrying!


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