Dark Energy.

In an article called Why nothing could shed light on dark energy (New Scientist, April 11, 2015), Anil Ananthaswamy writes, “The properties of dark energy influenced when this happened and therefore the distribution of these structures.”  My response to this is that I could shed light on dark energy while I assume that Anil cannot describe the properties of dark matter that he mentioned in his article. You see, when you discuss dark matter you have one foot in astrophysics (astronomy) and the other in parapsychology (metaphysics). As a parapsychologist with 20 years teaching experience I can describe to you dark matter as “Low grade Monads that hold space-time together. These are units of consciousness with their own veracity and purposiveness.”  These are the primitive units of consciousness, newly formed and confused.

About 20% of the Monads (second grade) became physical matter (galaxies) while about 75% stay dark matter to hold time and space together. Parapsychology is more interested in the 5% of the Monads that have refined themselves in gingulim after the Big Bang. These are wise free high monads that are called universal consciousness  units (spirits) in some textbooks. When these tiny “pure creatures” enter your frontal lobe through your pineal gland (Descartes) they are called the soul.”

This information exists in some textbooks on parapsychology, so there is no need to stay with astronomy at Singularity. You can take off and start communicating with the living universe spirits through your soul. Warning: Monads tend to respond to your questions or requests only if you are an authentic person. Now, go figure out what that means. Good luck. I just gave you a glimpse of life in the 25th century. Enjoy!



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