Indiana senate bill 101: Religious Freedom Restoration act. Are you for or against it?

Listening this morning to the governor of Indiana, the social media and the comments on CNN and BBC, I sure hope that none of my readers are so delusional or intellectually dishonest as to not to deal with the real issue? The behavior involved in the law. Buddha said, Humans are all mind that slays the truth. Now I know what he meant. I ask Buddha, are they also all bodies that don’t move?

A gay couple walks into a Christian flower shop in Indiana to buy wedding bouquet  for their wedding. The proprietor says, “I am sorry. I can’t sell you the bouquet for religious reasons.” The gay couple feel his response is discrimination. They ask him to take off the “Christian” sign and sell flowers to anyone that has money to pay for the flowers. He refuses. They decide to sue the owner of the shop for gay discrimination. Their attorney tells them that they can’t sue the owner because of SB 101 forbids it. The angry couple drive to another flower shop that has no sign “Christian” on the door and buys a gay bouquet of flowers for their wedding. Everyone is happy.

A million people on the left are not happy about it. They demonstrate against the law and send letters to their congressmen and senators. SB 101 is repealed. A month later a gay couple goes to the “Christian” flower shop and buys a beautiful bouquet for their wedding. The sign “Christian” is gone. The owner sold and left for Israel, a more permissive society. American society is now

in turmoil against Christians, he says  Life in Indiana is not pleasant anymore. A moderate right-wing peace maker asks, “Is society better off by hating Christians or by learning to be more tolerant and shop around for a bouquet in another gift shop? Ask the left, he says? Ask the left before it is too late!


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