Caroline Glick: The nuclear agreement between Obama and Iran may cause war!

She writes, “Americans apparently believe they are immune from the consequences of their leaders’ policies. This is not the case for Israel or for our neighbors. We lack the luxury of ignoring the fact that Obama’s disastrous diplomacy has brought war upon us. Deal or no deal, we are again about to be forced to pay a price to maintain our freedom.” (Caroline Glick).

If it wasn’t for the veracity of her prediction I wouldn’t post my analysis today. I want my readers to calm down, it isn’t going to be a third world war. It may be the shortest significant historical mini-war ever.  Sure, let’s pray for peace, but almost any experienced political psychologist could point out that Israel may be tempted 100% to attack Iran nuclear facilities the day a Republican gets elected president of the United States. Mark on your calendar the “Ideas of March” and the holiday of Purim as the symbol trigger of that attack. Blame small cog Obama for the war but it wouldn’t really be him, it’s Iran’s Martyrdom urge. Iran wants Israel to attack her (to bring in the Mahdi). Iran is a weak populous country that thinks she is strong. It hates Israel so much (for what the Jews did to Haman, it’s absurd but true) that it can’t but underestimate the military power of Israel. Iran’s oilfields are vulnerable. Also, Iran doesn’t understand the Jewish happy trigger preoccupation with “never again.”  Let me give you a clue so you can ask me later, How did you know?”  PM Chamberlain is a brother of BH Obama, they both overestimated the strength of their crazy opponents!

Seriously, how would the nuclear agreement between Obama and Iran in 2015 cause war in 2017? Very predictably based on 2 conditions 1) Iran will be caught cheating (probability 95%), crossing the Israeli red line in 2017 (100%), and 2) A right-wing coalition under Netanyahu in Jerusalem (100%) and a right-wing Republican president, vice president and chairman of the senate’s foreign relations committee (80%) (the Latino Trio) in Washington, and 3) 2017 will be 100 years since the Balfour declaration (I am not superstitious, but my specialty is Numerology).

Let us all pray for peace but my psychological analysis (75% probability) is that Caroline Glick is right. There is no birth of a peaceful world order without pain.


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