Senator Rubio, don’t run for president before you call me

Senator, your answer to the man in the town hall meeting about illegal immigration shows that you are an honest man but you could use a psychological adviser. You said, “You can’t send 12 million illegal immigrants back to their countries.”  That is true, Senator, but it is not the smartest thing to say in a town hall meeting. If I were your campaign psychological adviser I would want you to say to the questioner, “Sir, to get our country to function best, people who break the law will have their day in court under my administration, sir, when an issue is law breaking the answer is not political, it’s legal. Now, these illegal immigrants may have families, so it’s also a human problem. the job of government is not to spend tax payers money on infiltrators but to speed up the processing of  people who broke the law in the most humane way possible. Thank you for your question.”

If Mario Rubio could learn to answer questions  based on legal and humane principles, he may have a chance to become president of the US  because all the other contestants are garden variety politicians, especially Hillary Clinton!


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