Maine vs. Ebola patient, what’s the solution?

TODAY: An American nurse who cared for Ebola patients in Sierra Leone is quarantined in Maine by governor Paul LePage. She threatens to sue. The doctors say she was tested for Ebola twice and does not have the virus. The community is nervous, though,  there is no trust. Let us solve the problem that CNN can’t solve because they are nincompoopy. Here you have 5 jurisdictions, 1) The government, 2) The courts, 3) The doctors, 4) The patient, 5) President Obama (weird president, always injects himself in local controversies. This community organizer in him make things worse), and 6) The public.

 The solution: Governor Paul LePage has the authority to quarantine the nurse at her home untill there is 100% evidence that the public is safe from getting Ebola from her if she is let go. It isn’t Obama’s decision, it isn’t a judge’s decision, it isn’t the patient’s decision. It is the doctors’ decision to certify the patient as 100% free of Ebola. Because the doctors are the key players here the doctors will have to put their career on the line; They will lose their license to practice medicine in Maine and end in prison for 10 years if anyone in Maine gets Ebola from the nurse after she is released, no ends or buts about it. But here is the problem: if the nurse is out and someone in Maine does get Ebola you can’t prove that he got it from the nurse, you can only assume it. Therefor, this solution does not work. The only solution left is: quarantine the nurse for a few days to calm the nerves of the community. Meantime, have the doctors check out the nurse throughly to make sure she has no Ebola, certify it and let her go. If somehow someone in Maine does get Ebola, arrest the certifying doctors, indict them and let them have their day in court. The government will lose the case but the governor will be reelected, the community will feel calm, the nurse will be free and Medicine winning its day in court will be trusted again. Thank you.


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