Aging: physical, chronological, social, psychological and behavioral.

I am not tooting my own horn about my looks, although it may smell that way to the suspicious reader. My goal in this posting is to get you reinvigorated in your later years. I am 78, I finally reached my goal to look about 50 (see picture). I had a major spine surgery and a nurse in the hall looked at me walking with help and asked my wife, ‘Is that your father ?’ I turned my head and retorted angrily, ‘No, I’m her grandfather.” With a new life style I think that perception won’t happen again. Now I also have the energy of a 40-year-old, feel 45, think deep like a  70-year-old, and behave between 35 and 90. I walk a lot but I can’t top my best friend Max who is 90 and did 40 push ups without much effort.

Chronological aging is how old you are. I was born in 1936, no ends or buts about it, I am old chronologically, but it is just a number if you can avoid labels; I am not old! I am young! I am experienced, Maximilian said. Biological age is how old you really are. It is your body talking, little to do with time, that is just your chronological age. My doctor checked me out and said “You are about 60 in body health,” That means that I have a long life ahead of me despite 2 cancers and a spinal cancer tumor surgery. I take the right supplements, do the right exercise, relax the right way, and I live to eat, as the Chinese would say. I eat well. Having a wife who is 55 and looks 35 helps. My behavior today appears younger than my behavior when I was 50, almost 30 years ago! How? Thanks to my ability to awake my consciousness, a skill many psychologists have. In business I am much more succesful than before I retired in 1998, I’d say my writing and thinking powers are about age 70, cashing in on a life time of acquiring knowledge and practicing. My social life is great, I have friends who are 25 but I usually hold back commenting on what they say. They remind me how poor and unaware I was at 30. 35 is considered in psychology the Becoming One’s Own Man (BOOM phenomenon) time. Now, energy I have plenty but I must say that I can’t duplicate my physical strength of youth, after all I fought 2 cancers to win and although I won it sapped some of my strength. I think I am only 60 in that domain.

The message that I wanted to give you today about aging is, forget about chronological aging, take care of your body as it is a gift from nature that can always stay younger and more cherished than when it was given to you. That is the easy part. The difficult part is to train your mind to think, feel and behave at least 20 years younger than you are. Have plenty of money because your planned and invested and it helps to have a young wife…or ask the “older” wife if she is willing to act younger. After all, Shakespeare said that life is a stage! Enjoy the joy!


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