Why I won’t participate in debates with leftists.

I belong to a political group that meets every other Sunday. One of my friends whom I respect in the group suggested to invite a leftist activist to debate his views on antisemitism and Jewish affairs. I will not be attending. In our group we have left leaning and right leaning individuals. I am sure people will enjoy the debate because it will be lively. This issue of willingness to debate people with opposing views to yours is big. I am a teacher, not a debater. Most people, including teachers, not only not exclude themselves from debates but really look forward to debate opposing views. Sisyphus would be delighted. There is probably a minority that won’t debate right-wing individuals. There is probably even a smaller minority that won’t debate left wingers. I am one. In general, there are very smart individuals, not just psychologists, who won’t discuss hot issues with wifes, husbands, co-workers, strangers, friends or what have you. I feel important enough to say, “Let me teach you the fact rather than to say let’s debate the issue.”  Here is why I won’t debate a leftist unless…

…unless I decide to do it for fun, to poking the other person, step on their toes (which I enjoy doing), earn brawny points with my other friends or play psychological games with their mind because I don’t like them or I think they hold dangerous views to the community. I won’t debate leftists, liberals, socialists, anarchists, communists, fascists, fanatics, etc. Actually, as a teacher I like to teach people good values, how to build not destroy, and you can’t teach a leftist anything! They are so rigid in their attitude that I rather debate a wall about the color of paint it should have than a leftist about human rights! They can’t see that they are hurting human rights, equality, love, respect, the economy, democracy, and the very values they profess to cherish. Liberals epitomize the dictum, The road to hell is paved with good intentions! I won’t say that all of them have a borderline personality disorder (BPD) called delusional but some do. Why debate someone about antisemitism and get frustrated because they can’t see that they exhibit such an attitude? Wouldn’t you rather go for coffee with a friend who shares your positive views of the world? I do. I will not give people I don’t like publicity, air time, audience and all the attention they need to grow more regressive and entrenched while thinking that they are progressive. I may seem harsh to you but that is the way I feel. I don’t participate in debates with leftists. I don’t like feeling frustrated and wasting my time unless I get paid for my services as a psychologist.


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