EBOLA: What’s being a left winger or a right winger got to do with it? Telling it like it is!

There is a beginning of a panic in New York city (NYC) because the public doesn’t trust the Mayor and medical authorities who tend to minimize the seriousness of Ebola. A responsible nurse from Texas with a fever after treating Mr. Duncan who died from Ebola called the Center for disease Control (CDC) and asked, “Can I fly?” What she meant was, “What is the chance that a passenger  on a commercial flight to New York sitting next to me  be 100% safe from getting Ebola? This issue is interesting to me as a psychologist because a right-wing CDC doctor would have probably said, “I would suggest that you don’t fly for 21 days.” The answer by the left-wing doctor who answered the phone was (that’s what happened), “Yes, you can fly.” The difference in answers have to do with left-right political orientations of minds! A right-wing doctor tends to be more concerned with public safety while a left-wing doctor is primarily concerned with the public civil rights. He identifies most likely with “Doctors without Borders” (DWB) the humanitarian American group of doctors who went to West Africa to fight Ebola and brought the disease back home. The left thinking is, “If you get Ebola in Africa come home to America and the generous American people will foot the bill for your rehab and if a few get infected and die, that is the collateral damage we pay as Americans for helping a world that doesn’t care about you.” (Jews have a similar attitude). The Right wing Doctor (he never joins DWB) would say, “If you go to save lives in Africa or the world and come back with Ebola, don’t expect the American people to foot the bill (you will have to pay the hospital and doctor bills) and you can be sued if someone gets Ebola and dies because of you! What you have here is two personality orientations of left and right personalities in medicine (you thought the split was only in politics?). The right is 100% Nationalistic American, the left is 50% internationalist and 50% American, the right motto is helping people to help themselves is best, the left likes taking care of people (paternalistic), The right hates other people to spend or take care of their money, the left loves it. Example in investing: Right wing people manage their own portfolios (buy individual shares,) left wing people buy Mutual funds. The leftist parent will internalize blaming herself if the kid turns bad, “What did I do wrong?”. The rightist parent will externalize, saying, “The darned public school, violent videos, TV and Hollywood movies…you can’t dial a child.”  The left will minimize a problem, the right will maximise it. The left will find something good in the bad, the right will never do that. The leftist keeps minorities staying minorities, the rightist forces them to integrate into society or ship them back to where they came from. The left is more antisemitic than the right, but it’s funny, before WWII it was the opposite. The left believes in the supreme court and Judiciary, the right believes in Congress and laws passed by the people, the left is rigid and dogmatic pretending they are flexible, the right is flexible pretending they are tough (remember Reagan). The left welcomes Ebola to the country to be treated, the right would seal the border. The left likes to take care of immigrants who don’t want to integrate, the right forces them to integrate or sends them back. And , in my profession leftist psychologists like to treat the patient’s mind endlessly and rightist psychologists like to treat the client’s behavior temporarily. I’d leave it to you imagination where I stand and what type of treatment I like to dispense to clients.


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