Is EBOLA a moral issue?

Two weeks ago I was an early blogger to point out the serious threat of Ebola. EBOLA will come to the U.S. and Canada and spread because Obama and Harper will not stop Ebola patients from entering the U.S. or Canada because these two leaders believe that to stop Ebola patients at the border and send them back to be treated elsewhere is not a moral behavior.  Let us discuss Ebola as a moral issue because in medicine there is a neglected branch called Spiritual Medicine. Can we assume that the doctors and nurses who went to West Africa to help sick Africans and got Ebola are caring people? Yes. Can we assume that when they came back to the U.S. and inadvertently infected people on airplanes and in hospitals that they were not moral enough or at least not responsible health workers? Yes. Can we assume that if Obama and Harper didn’t let them in and they died elsewhere that the majority of Americans and Canadians would condemn this two leaders as cold-hearted and uncaring rather than as great leaders? Probably. Can we assume that if Mr. Duncan, the Ebola patient who died in Dallas said, “I have Ebola and I am not flying from Liberia to the U.S. to infect innocent people and be a financial burden on the American tax payer,” no one would even know he existed if he died back in in Liberia, or think of him as a hero – which he would definitely be if he stayed away in order to protect Americans! My questions are: Are we really moral people in our decision-making? As doctors and nurses, are we really moral people to go to other countries, die from Ebola and render your kids at home without a parent? I know it is tough to ask these questions but I will if no one else will. Enough with political correctness! The nurse had a fever and she called the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and was told that for her to fly is OK! Do you think that the CDC person who told her so should have his day in court or at least be fired? I do, so am I vindictive? Where do you draw the line in the West on national permissiveness? When thousands of our soldiers die in useless wars because of uninformed politicians making heuristic political decisions? When Obama or Harper let Ebola patients in that would infect millions? Where would you draw the moral line? Did we forget that governments were formed years ago to protect the community? There is an election for a new Congress coming next month in November, do you think the voters are scared enough of Ebola and ISIS to do a better job in electing more caring and intelligent representatives this time?


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