EBOLA: What is it and why now?

I am 78, in 1998 I thought that I’d retire and go sailing but like my experience when I was teaching psychology to students (and now to people through my blogs), I face a new audience all over the world who want to know the truth about what’s happening that they aren’t getting from CNN, BBC, AMA, UN and various governments.

This is ridiculous but the nurse in Texas got Ebola because she didn’t know geography when Mr. Dunkin told her that he just arrived from Liberia in West Africa and had a fever, I bet you she didn’t know where Liberia was. She couldn’t connect the dots. You see, in high school they don’t teach you geography. I’d bet you that if Mr. Dunkin said that he just came from Belgium it would have made no difference to the nurse either…they don’t teach history of Europe in American high school either. As an educator I can assure you that much of the stuff your kids learn in high school won’t make your kids grow up to be able to avoid Ebola, poverty or a life of quite desperation!

What is Ebola? Ebola is a short strand of criminal RNA (like half a bad DNA) looking for a normal RNA to fuse with and start making  a poison protein. The virus lives in African bats in their saliva, poop and the soil they walk on until it finds an opportunity to jump into a human who works or  walks in the woods, eat the bat or let the bat eat the crops or kills the bat without burying the carcass, or even give the darn thing to their kids to play with as pets. Who know what uneducated people do to harm themselves! The important thing for you to know is that as soon as the Ebola RNA find a matching partner (even an RNA in a vegetable plant!), the pair star multiplying like crazy, almost any RNA would do, they spread in and out in ways you can’t even imagine, one DNA infected and you are done, one molecule of sweat, one tiny CO2 breath of Mr. Dunkin toward the 70 hospital workers, and the authorities, their job is only to make the public feel not alarmed! I said a month ago quarantine the USA, I said a week ago quarantine Canada. No one listened. A modern bubonic plague is here, you, my readers, you are on your own, prove that you are a good reader of my blog, make sure you learn how to protect yourself! You are on your own!


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