Obama vs. Baghdadi II

The reason I have a sequel to Obama vs. Baghdadi I is that CNN a few minutes ago asked the question, “Will Baghdad fall to ISIS? I have the answer that the CNN panel could not agree on – Yes, it will happen, but not soon, it is not that simple and besides I want my reader to get the bigger psychological picture:

Listen and judge for yourself looking at your own relationships, in any situation, big or small, or in any argument in life on any subject you can always identify a more cautious and a less cautious person – 2 different views, 2 different attitudes! Human personalities are like a car, you look at a situation and you either speed up or slow down,  become the accelerator (let’s do it!) or you become the breaks (hold your horses, dude). For example, I retired to beautiful Canada as a psychologist from California in 1998 and saw the juicy apple orchards and got hooked! I wanted to buy 10 acres of an apple orchard in the Okanagan and my wife said absolutely No. I was the accelerator and she was the breaks, thank God, because today I would be stuck with rotten apples and no time to do what I really love to do which is write this stuff in my blogs and websites! Are you an accelerator or the breaks? Look at your attitude. If you are alarmed and believe that ISIS and Ebola will accelerate their spread for now your are the speed pedal in the car called life, if you believe that we will soon find  a way to stop Ebola and ISIS or at least slow them down you are the breaks!

I am the accelerator about both. About ISIS I am the accelerator (They will capture Baghdad eventually) because Obama has no strategy how to stop Baghdadi  and his goons while they do have a strategy how to get Baghdad with its billions in the banks and weapons in the armories. Their strategy: They practice attacking and taking over small towns, then medium and finally they go for the big fish. Obama has no strategy, he is just reactive, just bombing and bombing  and then reactively putting boots on the ground when ISIS gets to Baghdad. He is a reactive dude, not a planner. But, at the end of the day, it’s like with the Nazis, they accelerated, then slowed down and finally stopped (usually when that happens you get the next president in the WH). About Ebola, it’s the same thing, the USA is an overly overly permissive society (OOPS! is an important concept for you to remember), If Obama ordered that “All flights from countries with Ebola are allowed only to land in the airport, fuel and fly back,” demonstrators will riot or a permissive federal judge somewhere in the US will nullify the presidential order using the 14th amendment to the Constitution! Ebola cannot be stopped at the border because the American people are mostly the breaks in the car, they slow down thinking. They don’t think that Ebola or ISIS are unstoppable for a few years, “it’s not that bad,” they probably say!

We should really rename my posting today, “Obama vs. Baghdadi and Obama vs. Ebola” and in both cases the American people will suffer untill they shed off their (OOPS!) and the “car-breaks” attitude. You can’t expect an accelerated thinking from the greatest country on earth right now!


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