Why we have Ebola, Gaza, Aids/HIV, ISIS, wars, Obama, Hunger, Bush, Rape, Johnson, and what to do about it?

Scientists always researching how to find the grand theory of everything (GTE). They use factor analysis (FA) where they throw data into the supercomputer,  do a Regression Analysis (RA), find the 4-5 main variables, then do a final FA and find the one thing that causes it all. Here is the one thing that causes all the problems in  the world: How we make decisions, the decision-making process in our minds, always looking at the question in the head to do the thing or not to do the thing, to buy it or not to buy it, to marry him or not to mary him, to take the job or not to take the job, to go to school or not, and which school, to leave home or to stay another year, to buy the care, home, dress, idea, yes or no, now or later????????????????????? Dr. Daniel Kahneman got the Nobel Price in 2002 for writing the book Fast Thinking, Slow Thinking, to tackle the issue scientifically: How Do We Make the Wrong Decisions? How do we? And more importantly, how do we switch to making the right decisions, no more hunger, war, AIDS, Ebola, ISIS, OBAMA, Bush, Johnson!!!!!!!

The answer is simple, when you see people destroying things, don’t support them, when you see people building things, support them. When Ebola patients come to your country/ home show compassion but don’t let them in because you need to protect your children, when ISIS begins to recruit and kill find out why they do it and address the injustice (bombing won’t stop ISIS), when you decide to end your marriage find out if there is a better way, when you decide to invest in a company, find out if your decision is the best, and so on. There is nothing in your life that is more important than to make decisions that bring you success, happiness, health and wealth. Doing the process of decision-making right is worth every Penney you spent, every minute you used and every thought and feeling you analysed. I don’t know what else I could say, maybe if you feel very passionate about taking on what you think or feel is evil think twice about your decisions! Make sure that the facts show that it is evil and not just something in you comes up that way. Remember, decision-making ends in verbal and nonverbal behavior. It isn’t so much the decision that matter, it’s what you say and what you do afterwards. The world is a mess right now, so you know that Obama’s decisions since 2008 were not supportive of peace and prosperity in the world. Hilary Clinton was a part of it as Secretary of State so don’t vote for her in 2016 for president and continue the wrong decision-making process. The world can only take that much before the Universe realizes that earth needs another Noah’s flood! Be careful!



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