Who caused ISIS to rise?

The question who caused ISIS to rise is like asking who was a worse president Obama or Bush? The surprising answer is  Bush, although Obama is a close second in being ignorant about Sunnis and Shia. The first mistake Bush made when he deposed Saddam, he dissolved Saddam’s Sunni army. The Sunni Generals were suddenly out of work. But, for them to start brutal ISIS Bush’s stupidity had to be classical! You see, Bush, who loves importing deadly democracies, decided to create a Shia election in Bagdad and let the new Shia prime minister El Maliki kill the Sunni Generals! He did a few, and Bush invited El Maliki to the White House as an unknown reward to the Shia PM killing Sunnis. Now the hiding Sunni Generals really got pissed off and started ISIS small to fight the Shia.  Bush left office believing that he brought the Sunnis and Shia together (idiot). Obama came in and started bombing ISIS while creating another Shia election in Iraq with a worse Shia prime minister who announced, “No Sunni ministers in my administration, no Sunnis in any position in my Shia government.” ISIS got bigger and more vicious! The conclusion is simple: Bush and Obama pissed off the Sunnis so bad that ISIS’s anger almost conquered Iraq and Syria in 6 months….  with American tanks! Who gave them the tanks? Bush and Obama gave the tanks, out of generosity, to the Shia and they “gave” them to the Sunnis out of fear.. The American people need to learn a lesson from all these, never mind that you gave your tax money to killers of babies, electing uneducated  presidents is a crime. Voter, learning of the difference between Sunnis and Shia doesn’t take a rocket science, only a president with brains.


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