The question: Who will win the fight between Obama and Baghdadi?

The answer: Baghdadi will win the fight.

Why: Because Obama thinks the fight is physical and Baghdadi knows the fight is psychological.

How is it psychological? Every day Baghdadi instil a motivation to run away fast (extreme fear of beheading) in every American, Iraqi or Syrian fighter facing ISIS men… just looking at them.  Baghdadi knows that his troops are safe of being beheaded as a retaliation. If an Iraqi General captured 10 ISIS fighters and beheaded them, the Americans will have a feat… invoking the 14th Amendment to the Constitution for the next 10 years in various courts costing millions to the American tax payers, and 20 NGO’s will be galvanized to go to court against the US government as an accomplice with the Iraqi general who will end locked up in a cell next to Milosevic from Serbia.

The solution: Replace the bombing with A+ trained commando units from every country involved and send them to face the ISIS fighters. This is not boots on the ground. But, wait a minute, there is a problem here… beware of your ability to train the commandos. I’d give the American commando trainers a C- in this area.  Why? Because…well,  they forgot to supply the commando units with ISIS flags and uniforms…among 100 other important things they forgot!

The predicted outcome in 2017: Good bye Obama, your thinking could have used Ginkgo Biloba. Hello new president, take the brain stimulants if you are not like Teddy!


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