Why terrorists are winning against powerful democracies?

Let me simplify why terrorists are winning against democracies so when the next election time comes in Israel and the US you won’t vote for anyone on the ballot unless they promise on TV to follow the policies of Menahem Begin, the second greatest Israeli PM and Teddy Roosevelt, the second greatest American P after George Washington! Stop sending into office leaders like Obama, Clinton, Bush, Johnson and the rest of the presidents, you have elected into office dummies who understood human behavior on the junior HS level or below. Case in point:

Obama tells Kerry to pressure Israel to release 900 Hamas terrorists in exchange for one Israeli soldier. Then Obama tells Kerry to release 5 Taliban terrorists in exchange for one American soldier. Then Obama goes on CNN and says, “The United States does not believe in prisoner exchange or ransom giving to terrorists.” Netanyahu does the same, exchanging prisoners with terrorists. Psychologically speaking, terror groups are winning against powerful democracies because Israel and the US give terror groups money, oil, weapons and Western recruits. The bottom line is that you vote for Obama and Netanyahu and they support terror groups (inadvertently) while claiming that they don’t do that – and when it does happen it’s an unacceptable mistake that “we intend to correct.” (nice language). Obama created ISIS by his policies since 2008 and Netanyahu created Hamas by his policies since 1993. These leaders don’t believe in Thorndike’s Law of Effect or never heard of it in College. Psychologically speaking, I see these “macho” ISIS men of Islam saying to each other, “Let these two soft democracies elect Hilary and Tzipi to office and we’ll have more bloody fun than with Obama and Netanyahu.”


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