The psychology behind police killing of Michael Brown.

Police killing of Michael Brown triggered a lot of emotions in people on both sides of the racial divide, none of which would lead to correct observation of what happened to the young man on either side. No future court verdict could lead people to stop and look at the facts that take no sides in this unfortunate event. I am writing this psychological posting not so people will change sides but so intelligent people will understand human behavior in extreme situations. A young black man who had his future in front of him died at the hand of police. If we lived in an educated society that understands, accepts and prevents selective perception from triggering bad behavior, there would be hope that this terrible thing would not happened again – but it will. No one cares about the truth, facts, reality, what happened. Humans anywhere on this planet, even a 1000 years from now, would care only a bout their own way of seeing events (selective perceptions). If you are black it’s racial, if you are poor it’s economics, if you are political it’s the democrats or the republicans that created the problem, if you are the police its lack of law and order in society, if you are society it’s police brutality and if you are God looking down it’s “Where is my Noah?”

Well, there is a simple solution that can prevent young people from dying at the hand of people in authority with guns: Change your schools and start teaching everyone that selective perception can lead to war and racial profiling can lead to killings while behavior profiling saves lives. Teach the police officers to ignore their selective perception and observe the behavior of people before they arrest them or shoot them (in the leg). Investigate, make sure that the selective perception of the white officer didn’t kill Michael Brown.


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