Tenants vs. Landlords: Why tenants almost always win.

I was walking to my favorite coffee shop with my wife this morning enjoying the tingling sensation of the fog in Paradise. I sat and read an article by  Cassidy Oliver, The tenant who won’t leave, in the Business section of The Times-Colonist from Yesterday, August 13, 2014 (Page B1).  The article triggered in me a feeling of loyalty to my readers to give them a few rules about how to function in a – Democracy, not just in Canada but also in the US, actually in any democracy where Judges are “Leftists” and agencies are autocratic. These rules may help you “win” “cases” if you live in a democracy. Here are the psychological rules about living in a democracy:

1. Landlords: Never rent an apartment in a democracy based on the observation that a potential tenant behaves nice. Call “Dead Beat, Inc.” and pay a few bucks for the listing of tenants who didn’t pay the rent in the past 5 years, were dirty, damaged the place or misbehaved.  If you can’t find “Deadbeat, Inc” in your community ask the potential tenant for 3 reference letters from past landlords and 3 references from employers. I know you are eager to rent the place to cover your expenses as a landlord, but be suspicious, read the article by Oliver Cassidy and it will cool you off.

2. Tenants: Never rent a place if you can’t pay the rent in the future, keep the place clean and abide by the expectations of decency, respect for ownership, and so on. I know you got to have a place to live in but don’t exploit others, it’s bad Karma! Go to the appropriate government agency and get help. Repeating unacceptable behaviors will affect your good fortunes and eventually you pay dearly for your mistakes, even in a permissive democracy that doesn’t care about you.

3. Judges, courts and agencies: In a democracy Judges tend to be political, liberal, powerful (final judgment) and too permissive (Italy may be an exception). Court decisions don’t follow their own laws and most decisions are ethically wrong. The paternal liberal personality of most judges will usually decide against property owners (unless they have big lawyers) and for underprivileged violators of laws. Living in a democracy you can get away with criminal behavior if you are smart. For example, in our courts if you are guilty of a crime but you plead “Not guilty” chances are that the verdict against you will be lenient, much less punitive than if you pleaded “guilty.” A good example is O. J. Simpson, very smart Hall of Famer for selecting a jury trial and not a trial by a Judge.

4. Cases: In some communities in California the police will give you a ticket and you will have to pay a fine if you park your car in the street in front of your house instead of on your lawn or in your garage! In Irvin if you leave an apartment you own empty too long, squatters can move in and the police will refuse take them out. You cannot evict a squatter without a court order. The worse of all in a democracy is a legal contract, business contract, prenuptial agreement, and so on. They are not enforceable! Any judge can decide to nullify a legal contract you have if he/she decides that the contract is “not right.” Decision making based on a Judge’s liberal personal beliefs is very common in democracies!!!!

5. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not against democracy. I am against overly permissive democracy where political orientation decides everything while masquerading as democracy. For example, do you think the 9 judges on the supreme court of the United States interpret cases on the basis of the US Constitution? Or on the basis of being Liberal or Conservative? Or both? Probably a 25/75 ratio. Back to tenants vs. Landlords: people, get smart. If you live in a faulty democracy like Canada or the US it’s almost a requirement to get smart in order to live well with less stress. Get smart!


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