How many moral people or nations do we have in the world today?

Very few. Why? Is morality a difficult issue? No. Then why don’t we have a moral world? First, let me summarise for you what is moral behavior and what is not a moral behavior. I will use the research by Dr. Jean Piaget and his student Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg, the main leading researches of moral behavior in science. Later, you can read how Google complicates the issue (we need a Law of Parsimony for Google). The reason why we don’t have a moral world is that educators in Europe and America in the 19th and 20th centuries refused to incorporate morality education into their curriculum and thus brought us to today’s level of immorality and injustice all over the world.

Human beings are facing with many moral decisions that they have to make every day regarding their children, pets, neighbors, strangers, enemies, taxes and who to vote for in government. They have no real education to guide them because Piaget’s research had been rejected first in Switzerland and European schooling and from there in America as threatening to the right of people to choose their moral destiny, good or bad, right or wrong. Life is full of moral dilemmas and most folks have no skills to solve them, many situations end in wrong behaviors of injustice, lack of care for the weak and children, abuse of animals and the environment. Humans have no respect for the environment. If I suggested that the UN force every school on earth to educate children in Piaget moral behavior, I believe most of you will oppose it because “It is not right to force people to be moral.” Of course I disagree with you, but who am I to say.

The culprit is the following rejected truth by most societies: Moral behavior is based on belief in intentionality and productivity.  People who are not moral believe that right and wrong behavior are not based on intentionality and productivity but on Outcome! Outcome alone is the king. Well, it happened to be Piaget childhood stage of concrete operations, age 7 to 11! Thus, most people on earth when it comes to moral behavior appear to think like 7 to 11 years old children in their moral development. Interesting, they grew up in many ways but not in their moral reasoning skills. Sad!



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