Hamas and others: Behavior is controlled by its consequences.

Netanyahu said, “Please Hamas, Israel has given you cash, credit, free electricity, gasoline, water services, medicine and food, please stop importing weapons and shooting rockets at us.” I used to give counseling to parents who raised kids with bratty behavior. I remember one very generous mother who said to her son, “Johnny, your dad and I bought you a car when you turned 18, please stop hanging around your friends who drink and take drugs and enroll in the local community college.” He didn’t listen. Now, that lady was smart. She came to see me, “Doctor, what am I doing wrong?” Netanyahu didn’t even answer my letter. Ladies and gentlemen, I taught Introduction to Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Personality, Mental Health 10, Personal and Social adjustment, Abnormal Psychology, and Parapsychology. I was a board member of the psychiatric technician program and the Child Center. I know what I am talking about. Contrary to what many people believe a reward for good behavior is not a bribe and a reward for bad behavior is not generosity. The first one is good parenting and the second one is poor values or even a suicidal ideation.

You are all my internet students now. I want you to choose a random day and walk around the mall or elsewhere where people gather and count how many individuals break this cardinal psychological rule, (It is called in Psychology Thorndike’s Law of Effect), mostly rewarding bad behavior in themselves or others.  Over the years about 30 churches in the United States quoted me from an article I wrote in the National Enquirer and other magazines (about 40 years ago) that the average parent makes 500 mistakes per day in raising their children! So, if you ever are in a group and someone says, “We need to find a way how to improve life in Americana,” I gave you that way this morning, “Reward good behavior and punish bad one, and know the difference.” By the way, don’t even get into this business without knowing the difference. About half the people think that good behavior is bad and bad behavior is good because they have a thinking mind, it all depends how you were raised. Good luck improving life in America! Start with yours! Don’t reward bad behavior in anyone, including yourself! Good luck!


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