A. L. Luttrell: Jesus and the Path Back Home

This posting is by Dr. Elior Kinarthy:

It may be a good title for a book or a big article in the New Yorker, but it is not a book or an article. It is a comment by A. L. Luttrell in his blog about the flight of the children from Guatemala sent by their parents to America with the hope for salvation. Earth is the beautiful home that the Lord created for man but it is also the miserable place that man created for his children! I decided to comment on Luttrell’s posting because he asked: What would Jesus do about these abundant children?

Imagine Jesus visiting and we say to him, “Please Lord Jesus tell us what to do with these children?”  How would LJ respond? Well, I think he would have to say, “We must be able to speak the truth before we are able to solve any problem. Please address me by my birth name given to me by my father and not by the name someone in Athens gave me later.”  Now, let’s say that somehow we are truthful enough to be able to find the true identity of our Savior and then we ask him again, “Yehoshua (Joshua) son of Joseph, what do we do about the children from Guatemala?” He would probably smile and say, “Take them back home to their brave parents and open a trade school requiring that the kids go to school to learn how to make a living in their culture and help others.” Well, you are smart, so you think for a moment and you say, “Lord, Son of Joseph… and who will guarantee that the school plan will be done?” I believe that Jesus would certainly respond, “Christian and Jewish folks who believe in me and do my true work, there aren’t many but go and find them.

True to the secrecy of the holly text I may add a riddle, “A Rabbi from Bagdad before he died at 106 asked Jesus in a vision how he would identify himself when he physically comes back home. LJ said, “Yarim Haam Veyochiach Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim.” Now, go and figure that out this riddle. It may be a fiction or it may be the truth, but to really know you must study the old and the new testament for years in a way it has never been studied before. The path back home is full of michsholim.



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