Is the world falling apart?

No, it isn’t falling apart, although it looks that way to some. We live at the beginning of the historically predicted clash  of civilizations, between the haves and the have not, a final war to end all wars, the third World War III, the war between the free and the not free, those who figured it out and got it organized (the haves) and those that didn’t get it organized (have-nots). The question is how did it happened? The answer is simple: Psychologists Skinner and Pavlov have stated years ago: Your behavior is control by its consequences and your feelings are controlled by your social associations. The haves followed this key rule of life to wealth and the have-nots ignored it. Now, the urgent issue is how do you prevent the have-nots from invading the lands of the haves and turning free and rich lives into – have-nots? Practically speaking, how do you prevent authoritarian Muslims and poor Catholics (have-nots) from taking over the lands of egalitarian Protestants and Jews (the haves)?  The answer is Education and Psychology. Education says teach the have not trades at home so they won’t come to your country looking for your jobs and taking away your wealth, open immigration offices in their lands so they can apply for legal immigration to your country and not send their kids on trains from Guatemala to your borders, and so on.

But, for you my readers let’s keep it simple and powerful: The most important thing to remember is Karma: Behavior is control by its consequences, whether you believe in it or not. If your opponent is big and you are small you don’t punch him in the nose and get beat up. If your opponent is rich and you are poor you don’t steal from him and end in jail, and so on. Contrary to common belief the observation of history shows that “might makes right” and not “right makes might”! Go to school and fight for freedom at home, it works better than invading others.


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