Why can’t you learn from the best teacher in the world?

You’d probably have a lot of theories about it once I tell you what it is, but the fact remains that you can’t learn from that hidden teacher because in school or in your culture they told you that this “thing” is not a teacher, it’s only a poor communication tool (that is why MD’s have their own language)

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle told your forefathers 2400 years ago that this “thing” was the most spiritual and profound teacher who can teach you how to live a great life. The Athenians ganged on Socrates and poisoned him for “lying” to impressionable minds. His 2 pupils were exiled to eternal damnation. Well, today is July 14, 2014 and don’t you think it is time to bring their wisdom back? We need them for our identity. Are you going to succeed where your forefathers have failed? Today, if you want to know what these 3 founders of language said about their discovery beyond the fact that L is a communication tool you’d have to wait until you go to college and be lucky enough to find a special class about these 2 giants that is rarely taught because there are only a few students who would take such a class! (high school already screw it up for you). I know, my “followers” who read my posts about the 10% Rule are exceptional. They developed a strong desire to live a great life and not just pretend that they do!

I sat 3 row away from a handsome man of about 30 at a Baptist church service in Hebrew in honor of Yehoshua Ben Yoseph. Visiting Yerushalaim in 2011 I got confused by an unexpected linguistic event, let alone the hybrid church service. An officiating Rabbi said “hello there, Yehoshua” and the handsome man sitting in the 1st row responded, “Hi there, Rabbi.” Being a “different” kind of psychologist who was interested in language as a teacher I asked myself, “How can they both be there while I am here?” Somehow the man heard my thought (thoughts are sub- vocalizations) and said, “I am also here.” “I am here too,” I uttered, as if it felt good to discover that language is magical  and you can be here and there and everywhere at the same time! We both laughed. The truth always makes me laugh because it is impossible to accept unless you become spiritually aware. You feel amused by it and you laugh.

Let me describe to you 2 deadly events that occurred to 2 linguistically unaware persons, one of them was my patient. “Dr. Kinarthy, my marriage is finished. I gave my husband the best years of my life, the jerk, he stole my youth.” She was angry and she left him never realizing that her false use of language caused it. The other event was a nurse who was desperately in love with a paramedic and always said to her best friend, “I am dying to meet him.” She died in his arms in a car accident. The Jewish Torah says, “Life and death is in the hand of the tongue.” (Haim vemavet beyad halashon.). Language is magical. It can kill, destroy your marriage or tell you how eternal you are!


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  1. hebrew lessons Says:

    What’s up, I log on to your blogs like every week. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work!

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