Iraq In the Shadow of 911!

Knowledge of Islam is lacking in the White House. The PhD’s in political science that Obama hired to guide his decisions don’t understand that both the Sunnis and the Shia hate the Americans, not just the Sunnis who perpetrated 911. Arabs in general are jealous of American power, success story, high standard of living. It is a raw pure extreme cultural envy. 911 was an attempt to damage the evidence of jealousy, American business success model, plain and simple. Having said that here is the mistake those Obama’s PhD’s made: They assumed that because it was the Sunnis that attacked 911 the US should support the Shia. Bush went and killed Saddam Hussein the evil Sunni from Tikrit and destroyed his Sunni city that administered the dictatorship in Iraq (Tikrit today is again the leader of the rebellion against the Shia, like 40 years ago!). Obama continued to support the Shia in Iraq against the evil Sunnis who killed the 3000 Americans in New York. You see, 911 set the tone for American support for Al Maliki the Shia dictator.  No matter the fact that he destroyed the Sunnis in Iraq Obama liked him and invited him to the White House. Aside from 911 the Sunnis are not more evil than the Shia toward America – but 911 set the tone. Bagdad today lives in the shadow of 911 waiting for American planes to drop bombs on the advancing Sunnis.

Obama, you need psychology PhD’s, not political science PhD’s in the White House. A much better policy would be to divide Iraq for 10 years into 3 autonomous federal zones: Sunni, Shia and Kurds. These guys need time to learn to share power. Obama, your idea of forcing these 3 groups to share power now will fail and lead to more bloodshed. Enough is enough. Hire new PhD’s this time in Sociology. People who have a history of animosity cannot just sit down and make peace because an American arrogant prez. said so. I call it stupid idealism. You sent Kerry to make peace between Israel and the Arabs and it made things worse. When are you going to learn that the Sunnis and the Shia in Iraq will not suddenly love each other because some not-very-smart American president asked them to. If you bomb the Sunnis because Al Maliki asked you to stop them the Sunnis will hate American even more. In Islam, no foreigner can take sides with impunity!


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