American parody in the WH.

The behavior of most American presidents deserve to be called an admirable parody, a highly intelligent joke perpetrated on the American people! It’s a spoof, unreal, ridiculous, a make-belief CEO act in a WH that goes public every 4 years on IPO day. The last 6 Presidents were especially nincompoop warriors that the voters liked because they talked tough and hid their weaknesses as leaders. The first wimp was a horse named Ronald Reagan, the actor. RR may be a Rolls Royce in England but here RR was a pinto from California.  Hizbullah murdered 250 American marines in Beirut and this pinto said, “This wasn’t nice to do, guys, I sent help to your country and you killed my guys.” Then he came up with a good wimpy solution. Reagan retaliated by withdrawing all American forces from Lebanon within a week after the bombing of the marine barracks! Don’t get me wrong, withdrawing troops is a courageous act as compared to what president Carter did when the Iranians kidnapped 500 Americans in Tehran – nothing for 3 years and then sent one untrained rescue helicopter that crashed in the Iranian dessert!

Well, by now Americans has become a wimp in the eyes of the world so Saddam the king of Irak conquered his neighbor Kuwait without fear.  He was wrong. Bush senior, the new American president was not a wimp for a change. He liked his Kuwaiti toy so he conquered Kuwait back from Saddam. I won’t punish the king, he said “cause I got my toy back.”  Then, while these two kids were fighting over the Kuwaiti toy, Clinton became president. People said, hey  new prez please do better than your clownish predecessors, so Clinton decided to be nice to terrorists, may be they’ll change their bad behavior. He ignored the 20 Sunni flight terrorists who were training on American soil for 911. People loved Clinton who was a sweet fellow who couldn’t resist even a blow job, let alone facing mean guys. Then came Bush Junior who finished his father’s job and conquered another toy for dad. He handed  Irak to Shia terrorists while Sunni terrorists were killing 3000 Americans in NY on 911. I’ll get them he promised the American people, like a good cowboy should and he opened a worthy front in the Afghan desert where the Sunnis terrorists came from. Then he retired satisfied to Texas satisfied with starting 2 justified wars. The new president Obama seized the opportunity to look as good as his predecessors and get reelected. He brought the troops back from Irak and gave the bloody country to Shia terrorists. Great, now Sunni Afghanistan hugged Pakistan and Shia Irak hugged Iran. The neighborhood stopped selling oil to uncle Sam and burnet the flag, a thank you to American generous stupidity. Obama was delighted to have the Afghanistan war last from 2001 till 2015 for no reason! 14 glorious years of killings. I am just like my predecessors, a good president, he said to his aides. Next year the terrorists will take over Afghanistan, no one will blame Obama, in fact the American people will elect Hilary Clinton president as an appreciation for being nice folks who bring folks home.. Hilary, please don’t start a war in the Middle East in 2017, though, please. Sometimes I wonder who the world loves more, Canada who never starts wars or America that always start wars. I guess the global village doesn’t get it that damn American Presidents always try to save the world from itself!


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