US-Taliban Prisoner Swap: Bowe Bergdahl.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was exchanged yesterday for 5 Taliban terror leaders after 5 years in captivity. Who was it worth for? Who benefited?  This posting will help you clarify your view about the swap of the American soldier. If you are a democrat (leftist) by personality you tend to see the exchange as a paternalistic humanitarian issue, get the commando “kid” back to his parents!  If you have a republican personality (Rightist) you tend to see the swap as a value and security issues, who got the best deal here? Will these 5 experienced terror leaders get a chance to kill Americans again? Will this swap cost American lives in the future? If you are a psychologist, your analysis is that the Taliban can gain control over who will be the next US president if they announce in November 2016 that one of the 5 released terror leaders was personally responsible for the killing Americans before the US elections. The democrats then lose the election to the republicans who can point the finger, “I told you so.” But, personally, I don’t think it will come up to that level of sophisticated warfare. I think in the short run President Obama will certainly score ‘swap” points with the American people. Will these brawny points be transferred to Hilary Clinton in 2016? Some probably will among democrats by personality. Israel swapped about 1000 Arab terrorists for each Israeli captive, what were the consequences? The released terrorists returned back to the business of murdering Israelis! Most Israeli voters still reelected those leaders who made the sloppy swap because the personality of most Israeli voters sees extra dead Jews as mere collateral damage. Do American voters see death by terror as collateral? Probably among the democrats, but not as much as the Jews who had collateral damage throughout their history.  All in all, the Bowe swap is good for Bowe, good for his family, good for the idea of no American soldier is left behind, good for Taliban propaganda, good for Taliban recapturing Afghanistan when the American leave in 2015, and above all, good for the democratic party and the election of Hilary Clinton as president in 2016. Harry Reed, the democrat leader of the Senate borrowed a phrase from Hilary when he said yesterday, “What does it matter” about Obama ignoring his own law when he signed 2 years ago requiring him to inform congress 30 days before he made such decisions . It is likely that saying “What does it matter” by both Hilary and Harry about life and death issues will com e to hunt them during future campaigning but at the end it isn’t circumstances that decide people’s votes but personality! Think!


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