Tiananmen Square is a lesson in psychology.

This posting isn’t in support of failed revolutions. The psychological lesson to learn from Tiananmen Square may not be exactly what you expect, TS was not an attempt to enhance human rights but an attempt to destroy China’s social and economic plan of progress in a name of an illusion about a better plan that didn’t exist! it’s a psychological lesson to be learned. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The freedoms those hundred thousand Chinese folks demonstrated for in the Square in 1989 was not democracy but Yeltsin anarchy. They didn’t know it but the same kind of freedom the Bolsheviks proclaimed in 1922 – people’s democracy. It is the Freedom the Egyptians tried to achieve in deposing Mubarak and electing Morsi, it is the “freedom” the people who fight Assad are trying to get with blood.  Face it, You never achieve true freedom through a revolution, never. Real freedom is achievable only through an evolution. All revolutions on earth that succeeded become governments that failed. That is why the Chinese government didn’t let it happen at a cost of 200 dead. They cared more about the future of China than the TS demonstrators. Idealists cause chaos, not democracy, they get power and don’t know what to do with it. Don’t get fooled by slogans in Ukraine, China, Egypt or elsewhere. You can’t have true democracy without the people who would vote for a government that would get at least a B+ for running a country. That takes years of preparations. Most countries who aspire for democracy should first elect a strong man for 10 years to prepare the infrastructure for freedom; good schools, good economy, good departments of state, commerce, skills, peaceful minds, etc.  The Chinese government in 1989 had to kill 200 “dreamers” so 2 billion Chinese in 2014 would have a life. Yeltsin was democratic, but Putin is better for Russia. He is semi-democratically elected but his methods of governing are productive. Israel is an excessive democracy and look at the mess they have created. Too much freedom to do anything, including self-damage! Egypt has just elected General Sissi as a strong man, he will put the country to work, good for them! Revolutions are justified only if the people are starving and oppressed and they don’t have personal freedoms (not the freedoms to ridicule or hinder the government). Demonstrations are wrong if you demonstrate to have the freedom to hinder your country’s progress, burn the flag, ridicule the leaders. Bad behavior is not freedom, undermining your country in the name of absolute freedom to do everything, to screw yourself up, should not be protected in the streets. Tiananmen Square was not an attempt at gaining freedom but an attempt at undermining China’s progress (the demonstrators didn’t know it). Don’t go demonstrating against anything unless you have a better program!! The justified demonstration in the street should be against a specific official who has demonstrated incompetence. (Obamacare failed, foreign policy failed, many countries under his watch feel lost, people of the world are not better off after his 6 years in office, the US is weaker, and so on). Go, demonstrate peacefully against him, he deserves it!


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2 Responses to “Tiananmen Square is a lesson in psychology.”

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    • drkinarthy Says:

      Dear Natalie,
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