An organized Islamic terrorist group planned an attacked on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya. They killed the ambassador. Democrat Hilary Clinton representing democrat president Obama blamed the attack on an anti Moslem video circulating at that time as the trigger for that “spontaneous attack that killed 4 Americans.” The Republicans accused Hilary of being a secretary of state without insight about the enemy and critical situations. Hilary accused the Republicans of politicizing the murder of the ambassador. Benghazi will be an issue in Hilary Clinton’s campaign for president of the United States in 2016. What is the psychological issue here?

You wouldn’t believe it but democrats and republicans have different personalities. Democrats are liberal (most are leftist) and Republicans are conservative (most are rightist). Democrats tend to be peace-loving at any cost seeing their worse enemies as people you can calm down and reach and strike a deal with (Chamberlain was a democrat, Churchill was a republican), thus their attitude towards terror is “Benghazi is a collateral damage.” Republicans tend to be suspicious people seeing their worse adversaries as people you can’t calm down and reach without using force. You can strike a deal with them through strength rather than through compassion or understanding, thus their attitude toward terror is “It’s not a collateral damage, it’s war and we must try to win.” Who is better for America in this zero sum game? Neither.  Bush was a republican but he didn’t know how to win a war. Obama is a democrat but he doesn’t know how to deal with terrorists. A good president is a combination thereof. We had a few, TR for example.



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