Peaceful revolution in understanding where we came from.


How to Speak Neanderthal (Sean Roberts, DanDedin and Scott Moisik, New Scientist, May 17, 2014) adds nothing to the understanding of Neanderthal speech, but it distract from the understanding of  Cro-Magnon appearance. “Modern Humans who came from Africa to Asia and Europe about 70,000 years ago, would have encountered their evolutionary cousins the Neanderthal for the first time.” (p 40).

Not true! First, modern humans have a name, they are called the Cro-Magnon and there is no scientific evidence that CM existed 70,000 years ago. The only intelligent pre-human species that existed at that time was a breed of light fur Neanderthal that lived in Europe and carved better Abyssinian spears than the dark fur Neanderthals who lived in the Middle East and elsewhere on the planet. They were not our evolutionary cousins as the article assumes but were one of our 2 genetic parents! The Neans were homo erectus hominoids. Anthropologists discovered their graves in the Neanderthal region of Western Germany. They didn’t come from Africa. They evolved in Europe and the Middle East over a million years. The term missing link applies to the question, How did the Neanderthal turned into  the Cro Magnon between 30,000 and 20,000 BC?

Around 30,000 years ago, a small group of unknown males with a 1600 cc brain capacity appeared around the Atlas Mountains (Greek legend identifies them as the 3 Titan inhabitants of Olympus) and started mating with choice Neanderthal females in Spain and Portugal, thus starting a 10,000 years of mini evolution of a Cro Magnon species. By the years 20,000 BC there were groups of humans on earth with different degrees of Neanderthal genes creating human diversity. That is how we evolved.

Today, the mitochondria DNA of our mother is identical to the mitochondria DNA of a female Neanderthal, but the Y of the XY chromosome of our father is not identical to the Y chromosome of the Neanderthal Male. Our Male Y Chromosome is halved and may have come from any of the 3 mysterious males that mated originally with Neanderthal females near Gibraltar. The Greeks called them the original inhabitants of Mount Olympus. I call them The Aliens because through their genes they gave humans a 25 hours circadian motion instead of the usual 24 hours CM humans were suppose to have in nature.


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